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I started WYN scarves as a creative and beautiful way to portray my personal love of functional fashion and southwestern style beauty with an up north cozy twist. 

I love winter riding and sports. Being able to get outside and enjoy the outdoors regularly in all seasons is an important part of my life and staying warm is a necessity in Minnesota. I need to be comfortable in all weather and

I also like to look good while doing it.

I started making WYN scarves originally for my personal use and loved them so much I wanted to share them with others who also enjoy living their lives outdoors beautifully.

Each one is hand sewn and designed by me.

Every scarf is unique and one of a kind.

Having so much positive feedback and return business has been so wonderful. Getting to see and hear how much others love WYN and know I get to share my creativity and passion for the outdoors with others in so many different walks of life has been really inspiring.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me!

Get outside, stay cozy.


Love, WYN

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